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True Grit is about courage, strength of character, perseverance, resiliency & passion 

Meet Rev. Willow
Hiking with a spiritual teacher reinforces that nature is about finding a connection to something greater than yourself
Reverend Willow, from a family of spiritual healers, has been a teacher for over 20 years, she now takes her classroom into the wild. Her passion for metaphysics and love of the outdoors creates a unique recipe for personal transformation 


Adventure hiking is taken to a whole new level, vitality increases, stress, tension and toxins are released, blocks and foggy emotions become clear


Challenging yourself and connecting with nature can be life-altering. Join Rev. Willow to align with your purpose and tap into your inner adventurer!
Our Story

Reverend T. Willow Yeomans, a Quantum Spiritual Teacher & Healer,  originally founded Starlight Culture Company, as a tribute to Carl Sagan's famous quote, “we are made of star-stuff.” Carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen atoms, etc in our bodies are also found in stars-proving our deep interconnectedness.


Rev. Willow believes that our greatest challenge is to embody “oneness” and remember that your pain is my pain, my joy is your joy.


Our goal is to assist humanity in digging deep and discovering their True Grit which can be unlocked during adventuring.


Daily life seems to numb us, diminishing our internal lights, this is about walking into the fire and being reborn.


Are you ready to dig deep and unearth your True Grit?

Let's Trek
"It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves." -Sir Edmond Hillary




True Grit Trekking explores many terrains typically involving 3-4 miles, nearly 1,000 ft in elevation, majestic bodies of water and spiritual sites. Hiking adventures usually last 3 hours, Transformation Retreats are 24 hours, trekkers are 18 years of age and up and prepared for an intermediate-level hike. Guests should not have a fear of heights and encouraged to attend with a willingness to push boundaries. Due to the steep nature of the inclines trekkers should be in somewhat decent physical health, free of knee, leg, back, or otherwise serious injuries or pain. If you question your abilities please seek licensed medical advice. Rev. Willow is certified in CPR and is a First Responder for the American Heart Association.

True Grit Trekking was designed to awaken the mind-body-spirit connection. As your body overcomes physical obstacles, your mind is present and open, while Rev. Willow is light-working and teaching about metaphysical principles. 

Results: burning around 1,000 calories; your vibration raises, increased clarity of consciousness, self-empowerment and a more awakened connection to the Universe (God, Source, etc).

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This exalted 22 million-year-old inactive volcano hosts a transformative spiritual adventure. Overlooking a majestic lake and large rock maze, this 3.7 mile hike features an almost 700-foot quick elevation up the side of the volcano to breath-taking 360-degree views. Trekkers are carefully guided through the steep descent into the interior volcanic plug.  Abundant wildlife, flora and fauna are a feast for the eyes. 8 trekkers Max. Trek duration: 3 hours

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Where the sand meets the ocean is a Liminal space, an in-between place. This is the middle stage of a rite of passage, a threshold. Liminal places are for creation and breaking out of stagnant energy. Negative ions neutralize free radicals, revitalizing cell metabolism. This flat trek is  4 miles, featuring dramatic coastal views and unbeatable serenity. 12 Trekkers Max. Trek duration: 3 hours

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Ley Lines carry with them rivers of supernatural energies or Vortexes. This unique trek offers the opportunity to surround yourself with amplified tingling energy. A mystical lake is at the basin of a lengthy 909-foot incline to the top, testing your perseverance and will. This overall  3.3-mile adventure leads to an awe-inspiring 360-degree view of San Diego. The descent is steep begging for precise footing on this rocky terrain. 8 Trekkers Max. Trek duration: 3 hours


Saturday 11am-Sunday11am (flexible) Remote location, removed from civilization, tests your survival skills. Camping gear and delicious plant-based food and water is provided. Rewarding individual and group challenges. Locations vary depending on the time of year. Testing boundaries, and perseverance, you are asked to adventure away from technology and the comforts of civilization. You will learn and apply basic metaphysics, dig deep into your soul, awakening your True Grit.  2 -4 Trekkers $477 per trekker.
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"Spiritually amazing and provided wonderful insight, guidance and explanation of the metaphysical. I enjoyed my hike today!"
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